14 January 2013

Elimination Night Book Trailer

     Back in August 2012 I got a freelance gig for Amazon Publishing. The gig was writing a script for a book trailer for Elimination Night, an anonymously written (fictional) tell-all heavily based on American Idol. It was the first script I'd ever (seriously) written, and it was for a subject I personally know very little about. Needless to say, it was a challenge. The book was released last week and the trailer has since been shown on several celebrity gossip sites, including TMZ. You can watch the trailer below.

10 October 2012

Blaireau Mix

     A couple weeks back I did a mix for Blaireau, a collective of DJs and producers based in Chicago, Nashville, and L.A. It's a bit on the short side at just under thirty-five minutes, but it's a nice collection of newer bass with a bit of that Southern lean. Have a listen.

03 October 2012


     While the Brasstax residency at The Whistler continues on, I've quietly been in the works developing my second residency, which is at my favorite Southside joint, Maria's Community Bar. This second residency, called Locked, focuses on the darker sounds coming predominantly from the UK's bass scene. With Brasstax focusing more on the uptempo and dancey-er side of things, I wanted to have a second place to play more ethereal and eccentric music that mostly doesn't fit in the context of Brasstax. Hence, Locked was born.

     This month's Locked is October 16, and all the details can be seen on the fantastic flier that my Brasstax co-host Kyle Stewart designed. Come out and enjoy the vibes, in addition to Maria's extremely well-crafted beer and cocktail lists. If you haven't had a chance to hang at this bar, I highly recommend it. Locked will be a monthly endeavor, and I hope to eventually change to a night with heavier traffic and bring in some good local talent. Stay posted.

18 July 2012

The Coffee Table Problem

     I recently moved to a new apartment and had little furniture to bring along the way. This is both stressful and exciting at the same time. Roommates' possessions that I relied on for so long were all of a sudden gone, yet the idea of crafting a new living space essentially from scratch made things more interesting. No more gaudy floral print armchairs from long-deceased relatives, or a collection of ultra-flimsy lamps bought in the Back To School aisle at Wal-Mart. It's now a clean slate, and the first thing I want to attack is the coffee table.